Hello, Love, Good Night!

Kagulong Masaya
Life now is full of squishie hugs and wet toddler kisses 🙂


It has been almost three years since my last blog post, and I apologize for this. Between having a toddler and getting pregnant again, I have to admit that this blog has been at the end of my dynamic “to-do” list (and by dynamic, I mean never-ending, which is why things at the bottom of the list never seem to get done!)

I am typing this at 10:30pm, on my phone’s Notes App, while my husband and two kids are sleeping. This is the only “quiet time” I have nowadays, because my toddler won’t let me “work” on my phone or laptop during the daytime when we are together. I can only get things done when they are napping or when I am out of the house alone. I apologize in advance if this post and the next ones will be bits and pieces of rambling and confusing trains of thought – because that is how my mind runs and how my life is right now, and the reality is I only get to squeeze in work in between my duties as a mom.

Both kids are sick now, and judging from my husband’s extended clinic hours (he is a pediatric pulmonologist) and my mommy friends’ social media posts, a lot of babies and little kids are. 🙁 Like their dad, Kobe and Milo has asthma and allergies that get triggered by viral or bacterial infections, and there seems to be a bug (or two, or three) going around! Like all moms and dads with sick kids out there, I am worried and tired and praning (paranoid), and every night I pray with Kobe that they get better really soon!

Side note: I have an IGTV post about the portable nebulizer we use, in case you’re interested to see: Portable Nebulizer IGTV Video on @princessvelasco.com

Anyway, I only have extra energy now because I had an extra serving of coffee at the event I attended this afternoon. Usually, what I do at this hour is sneak in a a little Netflix time using my phone and earphones – I am currently watching “Hiphop Evolution” and the latest season of “Modern Family.” Gone are the days I get to enjoy Netflix on our bedroom TV, which has been hijacked by Kobe who loves watching YouTube and Netflix kids.

A little update on what has been going on since my last post in November 2016 (!):

I got pregnant again. I gave birth to Milo July 2018. I sold my business (Nail Files franchise) to focus on the kids and go back to singing. I am now a freelance artist. I signed up with GMA Music for a recording contract. My YouTube Channel (Acoustic Princess TV) has been resurrected and I uploaded new content. I recorded a new single “Kaunti Na Lang” – an original song composed by Noah Zuniga under GMA Music.

Aaaaand… I am resurrecting this blog!

Ok, good night for now!

Hello, Love, Good Night!

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