Nappies and Needles

I was getting ready to start our day when my husband called to tell me that today was Kobe’s next scheduled well-baby check-up and vaccination! I actually forgot, I thought it was going to be on September 11. So we rushed from Katipunan to Makati to make it to our appointed time. Thank you Waze for guiding me this morning, as usual!

When we got there, the secretary weighed Kobe and lo and behold! From 6 kilos last August 11, he is now 6.8 kilos – which is at the 90th percentile of his age group, yikes! No wonder our backs are breaking from carrying him all the time! Our pediatrician, Dr. Rita Dolendo and I had a short chat about Kobe’s progress and she said that his development is right on schedule. Then she conducted a physical exam. Everything’s a-ok except for Kobe’s neck which has rashes.. 🙁 It has been bothering me since it appeared last month, and despite trying to keep his neck dry all the time, the rashes progressed! Because of Kobe’s “double-chin,” his neck rarely sees the light of day, hahaha! So Dra. prescribed a cream to get rid of the rashes.

Look at Kobe’s double chin! 🙂

Then the dreaded part came, the vaccination!!! He was due for his second dose of the 5-in-1 vaccine. There is actually a shortage of supply of the brand that my husband prefers… good thing he was able to buy from his supplier! So the vaccine Dra. used was from my husband. 🙂 Dr. Dolendo disinfected Kobe’s right thigh, then inserted the needle and injected the vaccine in just about a couple of seconds. Kobe was quiet and calm the whole time until she removed the needle… Then “waaaaaaaahhhhhhh” he cried and cried… Kawawa baby Kobe 🙁 But he is a brave and strong boy so this lasted only around 10 seconds, yey! We changed his nappy after then we went on our way home.. 🙂

Kobe is 12 weeks and 1 day old today. He feeds every 2-3 hours during the day time and consumes 5 ounces when bottle-fed (my breastmilk of course!). At night he directly feeds from me and wakes me up to feed around 3-4 times. We change his nappy around 6-8 times a day. He weighs 6.8 kilos, is 59.5 cm long, and his head circumference is 40.5 cm. Hooray, Kobe! 🙂

Nappies and Needles
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