Three Months Strong!

Our Kobe is three months old today! 🙂 He is growing bigger and heavier each day, and he can now hold his head up longer, swipe at his toys, follow his favorite Mickey Mouse 180 degrees with his eyes, grasp at mommy’s shirt when feeding. He also loves to ‘talk back’ when we talk to him, with loveable coos and yowls. He also loves (demands) to be carried most of the time, and needs to be held to go to sleep. He is now wearing medium-sized diapers, yikes!! 😁

After his early afternoon feed, we had a short photo-op with him (and the lava chocolate cake that Daddy bought). Here are some pics:

Kobe wearing his 3D pic onesie from In My Womb.
My baby and me. 🙂
Three Months Strong!
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